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Default Re: Sony Admits Cloud is 'Absolutely Inevitable', is 'Considering How This Can

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
After reading this article, I'm convinced Sony was caught with their pants down. It may already be too late for them to adapt, which means they will be left in the dust.

Sony never adapted and needed to repackage the PS4 as a cloud gaming device.

Sony couldn't purchase GAIKIA because they are not for sale. Sony could have partnered with GAIKIA, but Samsung did.

Consumers will be using TVs to game on NVIDIA's GeForce GRID and their latest Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) instead of the already outdated hardware on the PS4.
Nah this wont affect them at all. I know you and most of the people who visit this site think its the future or how nvidia with their stupid **** will take over but it wont make a dent in the home space for many years. We just don't have the infrastructure for it to be a viable solution currently. If anyone will feel the burn of cloud computing/gaming it will be the PC Gaming industry. Gaikai is already using their services for demos through websites, how long till they just go with full games? Check out, they stream the games demo...

If anything Sony is more ahead of cloud gaming then the other big three consoles since they already do cloud saves for their handheld/console cross play and the PSP and Vita have been able to play PS3 games remotely for sometime now. Heck Sony has more full retail games on their platform available for download then any other console already.

I will state this again, NO CONSOLE WILL BE CLOUD ONLY FOR MANY YEARS. Cloud gaming sucks in its current form and homes around the world do not have the connections needed for it to be profitable for companies to support it yet. The main problem getting Cloud gaming offer the ground and good are the ISPs around the world.

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