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Default Re: Sony Admits Cloud is 'Absolutely Inevitable', is 'Considering How This Can be a

Originally Posted by General Lee View Post
You obviously have no sense of foresight. Look forward, oh ye of little faith. Where were we just a few years ago compared to now? You think we've hit a wall or something?

Another thing, you registered just to make your first post to talk about something that nobody has really implemented yet. Cloud gaming isn't matured or even a big part of gaming yet.

I smell a troll.
No, Not trolling, and apologies if it seems so. I'm just tired of hearing about it everywhere i go on the interwebs. There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever to the consumer in this. it's just like this whole 3D thing. Some folks like it, but most do not. I'd rather have 2k, 4k content than 3D. It just makes more sense to me. My frustration comes from knowing why they are really doing this. Something is horribly wrong with the gaming industry. Everything they are doing seems ass backwards, and can only serve to add more bitterness from the once loyal fan base.
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