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Default Problems with dual monitors on 302.17

After upgrading from Nvidia 295.53 to Nvidia 302.17 on Arch Linux, my dual monitor setup no longer works and I don't seem to have 3D acceleration. (For example, Gnome 3 is falling back to its Gnome 2-style mode.) I have a GeForce 9800 GTS.

Things seem alright at the login screen, but once I'm logged in one screen turns white. I can still move my mouse over to it and see the cursor, but if I try to do anything else, like move a window to that screen, it doesn't work.

Also, every time I start X, my Gnome panel widgets get duplicated. So now I have about 5 of each widget. No idea if this is related.

I've been fooling with various nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig options, but haven't gotten anything working. Help, please?
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