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Default Re: And the people spoke...Desktop is back

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
So what you said is incorrect. There are decent well made PC games, quite a few, but you aren't a fan of those and the games you do like aren't well made on PC.

Also you suck at games. ::
I won't argue with what I bolded lol.

Originally Posted by bob saget
I don't think it is THAT expensive to keep a PC up to date. The most cost effective way imo is you have to spend some dough once for good basics, and then just keep upgrading the video card as necessary.
While I agree with the last sentence, it all just depends on your situation financially. In my case, I have a new son that is all of my time, attention and $$$ right now lol. Not that I'm complaining about it, but I don't get much extra $$$ to upgrade video cards anymore. I'm still rocking out my Q6600, 8GB RAM and GTX 260 And it also depends on time/location. I get zero time to sit at my desktop PC anymore, therefore I game on my MBP (Boot Camp or OS X) if not my XBOX.

I'm really waiting for the game devs to start focusing on the PC a little more; putting a little more time into their work and making the PC version worth maintaining the PC for. It just never settled right with me that I spent so much $$$$ on my PC when all I got was the console version with . . . well, I just got that.

Sorry to derail this thread with my crap.
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