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Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
ok so earlier i forgot my diablo 3 password and got locked outa my account because i couldn't remember the answers to my security questions and crap so i called em got some automated crap!!! they said press 6 to reset pw so i reset it finally but couldn't login because of my god damn authenticator!!!!!! so i tried calling em for account support and technical support the automated crap told me they are to damn busy!!!! GRRRRRRRR ive been locked out of my account for a while unable to do anything because of this pos authenticator. i got to page where it said remove authenticator crap from your account but it had an option that says government issued id wtf i don't work for the government goddammit.......i cant even create a effing support ticket because i have to login and i cant call them because i get an automated pofs ive been going around in circles for hours trying to get into my god damn account!! i guess my authenticator isn't working right because yesterday i reset my phone back to factory and stuff.....BS

if anyone can read this wow!
I just had to send them a scanned image of my drivers license and I was back up within 24 hours. How about you actually DO what it tells you to do.
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