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Default Re: iOS 6 Confirmed for WWDC

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
1080p on a 15" would be far from Retina. I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 from 2003 that already does 1920x1200 on a 15.4" screen. I'd say Apple now has the Retina 15" panel they need

The next Retina will probably be a 13" MacBook Pro model. Then once the panels get more common, they can bring it to the entry-level line-up, where additionally they won't need as many pixels anyway, at least on the 11".
iMac and Thunderbolt Display will be tough to update because those Retina 27" panels won't be affordable or even available anytime soon.

But why do you still want a 15" Air? I was also waiting for such a laptop (Air-like 15" with Retina Screen), like I mentioned the week before the keynote. But Apple didn't stop there, they went all out and brought high-end performance to a thin and light. That's much better in my opinion. It's the complete package. A 15" Air would weight slightly less but you'd sacrifice a lot of horse power.
I do agree that it would sacrifice HP, but more than anything, I'd like to the price to come back down. I'll always have the entry level MBP whenever I purchase another one. Thin and light 15" model with a killer GPU is what I'm looking for. I won't lie that not being able to swap out RAM and HDD is kinda crap but I'll manage.
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