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Default 302.17 = FPS drops in Quake Live

Does anyone here play QL? 295.53 gives me 125 fps and doesn't even blink like 124 for a microsecond. On 302.17, every few seconds I have like second full stop. Whole game stops, including sound (and console says sound buffer underrun), it's like some frames are rendered 30 times slower for some reason...

I've tested 2 kernel versions (Fedora's kernel-PAE- and kernel-PAE- which are 3.2.3 and 3.3.8) and all 4 combinations of kernel/driver. So I'm sure it's the driver upgrade causing this and not some other program/setting.

I've tried with default settings - vsync on/0 AA/0 AF - vs my normal settings - vsync off/16xAA/16xAF, no change. Nothing in dmesg either.

Anyone else seeing this?

Oh yeah, and the card is GTX 570.
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