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Angry Re: Optimus support for Linux

I registered here just to express my big disappointment and outrage at this situation.

I wonder, should the manufacturer provide _working_ drivers for one of the most popular and dynamic platforms? Do the maintainers really stay on Windows or Mac?! Can't believe it.

There are only three main OSes: Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux. As far as I know, the latter is at least not more buggy than the others(I'm a developer), and far more free, flexible and reliable(IMHO).

This is very frustrating. I've just bought a laptop for 1000 dollars with GT 630M discrete card. And it is just NOT WORKING under any GNU/Linux distro! I merely can't understand your point. Marketing considerations? But I've just bought your video card(!), and I would buy more if it was not for this disappointment.

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