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Default Re: Ravaged: 2 Dawn Games

This is pretty cool. 2 Dawn has launched a contest for music composers to score the theme of the game. Details are a copy paste:


2 Dawn Games has launched a $650 Gig for musicians to score the musical theme for the upcoming PC Game ‘Ravaged’ on Audio Catch.

Gig Details:
Ends on: June 25th at 11:59pm -05:00 GMT
Prize: e0 to winning entry
Cost to participate: $0 - Costs nothing as it should be

2 Dawn Games wants a unique looping musical score that will capture the essence of their gritty Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic world. The award is $650 and in-game credits. This is an amazing opportunity to really push the envelope and get recognized for your musical talents!

Simply Register at, login to your account, then go to and provide a custom audition!

More details on what 2 Dawn Games is looking for:
The game is fast paced and a battle of two sides so the music should reflect that...perhaps with an industrial edge to reflect the ingame vehicles. Dirty, metal, rock that has a memorable tone. Games like Battlefield 3 have a memorable tone to the game. We want something people will remember when playing this Mad Max like game. Bits of metal \ rock as the game is gritty in tone. Music should not be campy or gamy.

There are more details with links to compositions for inspiration at the Contest's participation URL
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