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Default Re: DayZ mod for ARMA II

Oh and yet another update lol, v1.7.1.4 ....

Build Notes
HOTFIX : 19 JUNE 2012

Affected addons:
* dayz_code
* dayz_equip 1.3.2

* [FIXED] Performance issue with equipment proxies (improves FPS)

HOTFIX : 19 JUNE 2012

Affected addons:
* dayz_code
* dayz_weapons 1.3.1
* dayz_server (server admins only)

Developer's Note:
* Requires ArmA2 Beta.
* Big thanks to JoeKurtz for his excellent bug reports

* [FIXED] Melee items causing magazine glitching and eventual server death (fixed)
* [FIXED] Unconscious UI Image displays incorrectly
* [FIXED] Bleeding never stops unless bandaged (chance of spontanious bleeding stopping now works)
* [FIXED] Interior infected spawning inside of building walls etc... (interior infected now spawn inside correctly)
* [FIXED] Speed not correctly utilized for checking stealth levels ( )
* [FIXED] Posture error can occur on stealth check ( )
* [FIXED] Config error messages on popup (Caused by legacy classnames, error handling implemented to prevent this)
* [FIXED] Unable to repair helicopter fuel leak (repair all parts to 95% or above and fuel leak will stop)
* [FIXED] Massive lag and desync on some servers (mostly caused by the invisible replicating magazines)
* [REVERT] Nerf of sickness damage (now will reduce your blood to 6000 rather than 10000)
* [FIXED] Losing blood from starvation/dehydration cannot receive transfusion ( )
* [FIXED] Hunger and Thirst no longer continue to drop while you are offline (only ingame time counts)
* [NEW] Once infected lose line-of-sight they will try investigate where you are
* [FIXED] Flies still heard around removed/hidden bodies ( )
* [NEW] Significant loot rebalancing
* [FIXED] "Fus ro dah" melee (now should be the correct release files)
Honestly you cant knock the devs of dayz, They are reading the forums, Replying and listening to issues/bugs & what people want, Like & don't like ... Adding new features and fixing bugs faster than we can keep up with.

Seriously in all the years ive been paying pc games ive never known a dev team be so in touch with the playing community.
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