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I have a Gateway M500 laptop that has FC1, SuSE 9.0 and Mandrake 9.2 installed. (Talk about enjoying pain!) But the M500 only likes the 4363 version of the nVidia driver, no matter the linux distro!!! With every new driver release, after giving each and every one a try, I always go back to the 4363 version.

While the 5328 version does work in X, in the consoles the text is displayed at least 2 lines low. In other words the text runs off the bottom of the screen at least 2 lines worth. This may have something to do with the wide screen of the M500, and I'm not saying this is the cause of it, the 4363 has no problems displaying the text in any of the consoles. All versions of the driver between 4363 and 5328 cannot display the consoles at all.

And as for X, the 4363 driver is consistantly 120 to 130 frames per second FASTER than any other driver version! The 4363 will run glxgears @ 1775 FPS, the 5328 @ 1650 FPS. I know glxgears doesn't mean much... "Does one diver version run consistantly faster than another driver version?" is all I want to know...

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