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Default Re: Base mosaic and rotation?

Originally Posted by Plagman View Post
Hi Happyfunbot,

You're right that SLI (including Mosaic) + transformations, reflections and rotations are not currently supported in the 302 release series.

This combination is now supported and this support should get delivered in the upcoming 304 release series.
Okay, two things:

(1) Did some research and it turns out that SLI is *not* what I want: that would cut me down to two heads, which defeats the purpose of trying to get four heads working.

(2) You are saying that BaseMosaic (the non-SLI/non-MultiGPU version of mosaic, which I presume is similar to the multi-Device Xinerama thing I have going with 295 now) does not support transformations/reflections/rotations under 302 but *will* under 304, correct? If so, AWESOME. I'm back on 295 now so I have a usable setup, but having real dynamic XRandR support for my setup would be teh r0x0rz. ;-)
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