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Default Problems with configuring monitors and keeping them disabled with 302.17

NVIDIA Driver v302.17 for Ubuntu 12.04 32bit Unity
NVIDIA 9500GT 512MB (1xHDMI 1xDVI 1xVGA)
Acer X203H (Connedted to DVI / 1600x900), LG TV 42LK450 (Connected to VGA / 1920x1080)

Problem 1 when using the NVIDIA X Server Settings:
-No xorg.conf file is present.

-System boots with both monitors enabled.

-I disable (Configuration: Disabled) the LG TV through the NVIDIA X Server Settings, keeping only the Acer monitor enabled.

-I power off the LG TV.

-After a period of inactivity (10 minutes), the Acer monitor will enter into a sleep mode as expected.

-Once awakening the monitor by moving the mouse around, the monitor configuration has changed with both monitors set to Enabled. It comes back using TwinView, but when I power on the LG TV, the LG TV is using some low resolution mode, and the LG TV is seen configured as the primary display device.
This is an unexpected behaviour, being that the LG TV should remain disabled when bringing the Acer monitor out of sleep mode.

Problem 2 when using the NVIDIA X Server Settings:
-When attempting to enable & disable either monitor, the display resolution must be set before doing so for it to work correctly, as using Auto is preventing the ability to enable & disable either monitor.

(Ex. LG TV is enabled and Acer monitor is disabled. If keeping the resolution set to Auto for the Acer monitor when setting this monitor to enabled, and then setting the LG TV to disabled, the control panel will note the changes have been made, but the LG TV will remain enabled & the Acer monitor remains disabled.)

Problem 3 since using this driver:
-Through the NVIDIA X Server Settings I have the LG TV set to disabled and the Acer monitor set to enabled so that there should be only one working monitor.

-I power off the LG TV.

-When selecting from the Ubuntu System Settings Displays configuration, sometimes this will reenable the TwinView mode with both the LG TV and Acer monitor enabled. But the LG TV is seen using a low resolution mode once you power on the LG TV. The Acer monitor however continues to use the correct 1600x900 display resolution. I expect that there should be no monitor configuration changes made just by entering into the Ubuntu System Settings Displays configuration, as I have never see this happen before on previous Nvidia drivers.
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