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Default Running 4 independent 1080p displays under Linux?


I've got a custom built machine running Linux (Fedora 13) and I'm attempting to run four separate displays. The machine has a Corsair 800W power supply and a Biostar A780L3g (AMD 780L) motherboard with two PCI slots and one PCI-E slot. The monitors I want to use are three LG E2250T desktop monitors and one Panasonic TC-L42E50 flat panel television.

I need them to each identify independently - not combine resolutions and identify as two screens. Additionally, I need the card to be capable of playing movies in high quality. I've been told by Galaxy and Nvidia tech support that I need a GTX 670 card, but neither can provide me a concrete answer as to whether or not it'll work under Linux. Can someone on the forum provide me the insight I need before I buy?


P.S. I've already tried the GTX 560 and firstly, it does not function well under Linux, and secondly it tries to combine screens and identify each two as one, but actually fails to do this as well because when it does, I get nothing but a gray screen.
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