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Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
htc EVO 4G LTE

It has a beautiful screen, 1.5ghz dual core cpu, 1gb ram.

The hardware is great.

The software, not so much. I hate Android 4. It's so confusing, 2.3 was straightforward and buttons located well. 4.0 has buttons in both top corners that are so small my tiny hands can't even use. (I wear a size S in gloves). It is smooth and fluid, though. So that's a plus.

The internet is so....s....l.....o.....w.

My original evo I could get 117k/s. I am getting around 25k/s now. So slow the app market (now labeled google play), times out about 4 times while it loads.

I'm not too happy with my purchase. However some of it was birthday $$$. :\
Sprint sucks
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