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Default Re: Running 4 independent 1080p displays under Linux?

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
Cards earlier than Kepler (6xx) only support two displays. Kepler cards support four. So you can buy that 670, or any other 6xx card with four outputs.

You could also buy another 5xx card and use it with your 560, two displays from each card. Should work in theory. But using a single 6xx is simpler.
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I'll go ahead and buy the GTX 670, then.

Next question, maybe you can help me with this as well. I mentioned that I am running Fedora 13, but that is only because I am currently under the impression that these NVIDIA cards only work with the newest Linux kernels.

Right now, my machine is running Mint 11, but when I fire it up with the GTX 560 card installed, it cannot boot and gives me an error code that says: 'unexpected exit with status 0x0009'.

Someone told me I need to update the kernel, so I made an iso of Fedora 13, booted from the disc, and sure enough Fedora with the up to date kernel was able to boot with the card installed. I'll update to a newer kernel if I have to, but if at all possible I'd like to stick with Mint 11 because it has Gnome 2 and I've got quite a lot of time and effort invested into its GUI.

Is there a way to make the older kernel compatible with the GTX cards? I tried blacklisting Nouveau and compiling NVIDIA's proprietary drivers from the source, but in the end this did nothing to change the way Mint 11 interacted with the GTX 560 (and I'd no doubt have the same problem with a GTX 670). If the answer is simply no, I'll upgrade to a newer kernel and install MATE to avoid the terible Gnome 3 environment, but if at all possible I'd like to avoid the hours it'll take me to get everything working the way I want it to again.
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