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Default Re: Base mosaic and rotation?

Originally Posted by happyfunbot View Post
(2) You are saying that BaseMosaic (the non-SLI/non-MultiGPU version of mosaic, which I presume is similar to the multi-Device Xinerama thing I have going with 295 now) does not support transformations/reflections/rotations under 302 but *will* under 304, correct? If so, AWESOME. I'm back on 295 now so I have a usable setup, but having real dynamic XRandR support for my setup would be teh r0x0rz. ;-)
That's correct. However, with 295.* you couldn't rotate one display in a TwinView configuration, so it's not clear to me how you are achieving the configuration you describe above.

Originally Posted by happyfunbot View Post
The only other obvious problem I've noticed is that the output of xrandr --current makes no sense: it lists four DVI devices, but only two of them (DVI-I-2 and -3) are active and have resolutions while the other two (DVI-I-0 and -1) are listed as disconnected. This, despite the fact that all four heads are working. So there may be some integration problem here.
I've seen this problem too, and filed bug 1003614 to track it down. Thanks for reporting it!

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