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Default Re: [BUG] nvidia crashes kernel with 'Xid 13' and attempted to yield the CPU while at

Well, at the time I mentioned it, it crashed every single time in Gatekeepers (4/4). I was next to the church overlooking the road where you eventually descend to get to the next level, and when the armoured vehicle came along, I would zoom in with the sniper rifle on the guy at the mounted gun, and the nvidia driver would crash as soon as I clicked to fire the gun. But it stopped crashing consistently at that point with a later nvidia driver.

I can still crash the nvidia driver playing Crysis2 at pretty much *any* stage of the game, even with the latest 'stable' 302.17 driver, it's just a matter of how long I have to play until the nvidia GPU falls off the damned bus.

<sarcasm> nvidia say they are trying to give us a consistent experience across all platforms, so I assume the driver also crashes Windoze frequently? </sarcasm>.
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