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Default User Response : PR Response to Linus Torvald's Inflammatory Comments

Hy Nvidia

1. thank you very mutch for the support of you Nvidiadrivers from you Grafic-Cards !

i have read this one :

Dear Nivida,

they are rights.. :
NVIDIA's statements on the release dates of their drivers may result in objections
from the Linux community, however, as Intel manages to release their open source
drivers concurrently with the market launch of their GPUs as well. In several cases,
the Intel drivers were even released before the corresponding card reached the market.
hummm... why can have Intel every a nose in front.. humm..
i be a littlebit fan of you NV-Grafic-chips and i dont like to buy a other Factorys chips
but how mutch you support other Platforms, but other Factorys do it too ...
or ?

and i think realy on my more as 20 Jears on the net and exuser of Voodoo1
(at moment 8600GT but i have now a work and plan with my first
munny a 640 or an 650 to buy )
and so on.. You are, Nvidia can do it too like Intel.. to have easy more a
noselengh in front to have. Easily more trusting in the Linuxdevelopers like
Linus and Distrodevelopers like Mandriva or Debian and Fedora ..
I know corporate trade secrets, but a little more opening and trust want be good
in LinuxDevelopers ...

Happy Programming and Hardwaredeveloping

bests regards

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