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Default Windows Phone 8

There is some pretty big news from their presentation today.

The main things are:

Windows phone 8 will use Windows 8 core

Native code (C/C++)

Multicore support

Higher screen resolution

Removable Storage


Secure boot / Bitlocker encryption

Skype and or other VOIP will be tightly integrated into the OS

IE10 Metro (Hopefully pages will render exactly like they would on a desktop)

No upgrade path for any WP7 devices, WP7.8 will include some of WP8's features

This makes WP8 very interesting. They were really trying to drive home the point that if you make an application that can run on Windows 8, it can quickly be tweaked and run on WP8. Since the OS handles all of the APIs for sensors, network, etc, the developer doesn't need to write code for drivers, they just tie into the exact same APIs that are used on all Windows platforms and it will work. They were also really pushing games and showing how you could write a game in C++, use DirectX and run the same games you could on other platforms. Obviously it's going to dependent upon the hardware but devs can scale performance accordingly.

4 makers for WP8 phones: Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and huawei.

There was talk of backward compatibility so all WP7 apps are supposed to be recompiled for wp8.
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