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Speak for yourself, SteveBean. NVIDIA needs to start supporting Optimus properly. Bumblebee is crap that doesn't work. I really don't care whether NVIDIA's drivers are open or proprietary, but I do care whether I can run Linux on a notebook with a discrete graphics chip.

I've been trying everything under the sun, and I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that you cannot, today, buy a notebook with a discrete NVIDIA chip that will run Linux. They *all* use Optimus, and Optimus *does not work* in Linux.

The fundamental defect with bumblebee is that it assumes you can run the chip headless, but GeForce chips won't run headless (only Quaddro chips do that). There was a work-around where you would tell the GeForce chip to pretend it had a CRT, but that doesn't work with the latest drivers and chips.

So bumblebee doesn't work. And hence Linux cannot use the NVIDIA chips AT ALL.

NVIDIA has given the Linux-on-notebooks community the old heave 'ho, and saying they contribute to ARM is completely irrelevant.
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