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Default Re: User Response : PR Response to Linus Torvald's Inflammatory Comments

Originally Posted by Blackcrack View Post

they are rights.. :

"NVIDIA's statements on the release dates of their drivers may result in objections
from the Linux community, however, as Intel manages to release their open source
drivers concurrently with the market launch of their GPUs as well. In several cases,
the Intel drivers were even released before the corresponding card reached the market."
no they are not rights.

I have or used to have machines with the following intel chip sets:

GM45: this one seems to be working just fine. Of course, the laptop will not do any taxing 3D applications or screen savers, but the daily workload is 100% solid.

GMA965: still crashing by random screen savers.

Clarkdale: long history of posting bugzilla entries and upgrading various stack components up to the craziness of compiling xorg myself. In the end xorg still segfaulted once a week which is lethal when you are in the middle of doing something important. Recently I've replaced this crap with an nvidia card and a Lynnfield CPU - which unfortunately runs hotter due to the 45nm process :-(
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