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Default Re: User Response : PR Response to Linus Torvald's Inflammatory Comments

Originally Posted by Spyke View Post
Except Intel graphics are complete crap, don't expect any performance there.
i have say nothing over perfomance or something,
i had say about Tradement and relacedates of the Drivers/Software ..

Mario, by you same, nothing of the Product, only over the support by developers...

hey, be better, make no Productflame, we know all here in Forum
to be NvidiaChips one of the bests.. Oky...

i have start this tread to speak over the support and more trustment
for linuxdevelopers and not for babeling/quasseling over chipset's
and who hardware it is better or bader Peep's
Please stay on the Theme.. Linus , Linux and developeing of drivers bzw
support and more trustment for linuxdevelopers ...

Maby have Linus Benedict Torvalds login here and can write on this place ,
what can maby make better Nvidia in future.. a productive suggestion maby...

best regards
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