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Default Re: 320.17 can't detect video modes on Lenovo laptop

Andy -

Thanks again for the attention. I was not expecting the modes to appear in the resolution drop down, but rather in the X Screen advanced window list of modes, where they can be selected and applied, and that is where they are appearing mangled. As noted, the reported modes with ViewPortIn settings log correctly in the Xorg log file, so I think my entries are correct . . . it's just that the easiest tool to use to manipulate them at this point (nvidia-settings) gets them wrong graphically, and will not apply a mode when selected, again graphically. Nvidia-settings from the cli works fine . . . .

At any rate, I can now make this work. I still question the change of a behaviour that likely very few folks ever had much trouble with, for one which, at present, is a PITA. At least consider a flag in the drive config to release the restriction, and allow the VESA modes to also be used - it is apparent from viewing the mode debug data that the driver is still polling those modes . . .

At any rate, for now, I think I'll just stay on the 295 builds, and wait for progress in the 302 series . . . the benefits are almost undetectable compared to the liabilities of upgrading at this point in the 302 driver and tooset's maturity.

- Tim

- Tim
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