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Default Re: User Response : PR Response to Linus Torvald's Inflammatory Comments

I just wanted to say THANK YOU NVIDIA! I have been a happy NVIDIA user on Linux for years, and have always seen the most problems with other drivers on other chipsets (particularly ATI/AMD). Sure, there have been occasional issues, but I get that on Windows too, and anybody expecting perfection obviously doesn't realize the complexity of both modern graphics cards and maintaining a unified driver that is supposed to support a large number of them at once.

I hope that Linus being a loose cannon doesn't offend or deter NVIDIA out of their desire to support Linux. Remember that Linux is much larger than Linus. Even though he may seem to hold a Bill Gates/Steve Jobs type of position, he doesn't speak for everyone involved in Linux (to most people, this is a great relief).

Anyway, I was motivated to come over here and post this after reading about his comments, and I will say it again:

THANK YOU NVIDIA! (and Mike Chambers!)
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