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Yet, Ironically, I sit here in front of a Lenovo W520 laptop, with the Quadro 1000M chipset, with Optimus, running bone stock nVidia drivers from 275 to 320, and they all run it pretty much flawlessly.

My point is not that Optimus is necessarily good, but to point out the idiocy of your comment that "You can't buy a notebook with a discrete NVIDIA chip that will run Linux"

Wrong, plain and simple . . . . The Lenovo BIOS lets you select the Integratd, Discrete, or Optimus . . . simply set to discrete, load up the nVidia driver, and you are off to the races . . .

So, from a hardware perspective, at least Lenovo got it right!

- Tim

Originally Posted by jesmith View Post
Speak for yourself, SteveBean. NVIDIA needs to start supporting Optimus properly. Bumblebee is crap that doesn't work. I really don't care whether NVIDIA's drivers are open or proprietary, but I do care whether I can run Linux on a notebook with a discrete graphics chip.

I've been trying everything under the sun, and I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that you cannot, today, buy a notebook with a discrete NVIDIA chip that will run Linux. They *all* use Optimus, and Optimus *does not work* in Linux.

The fundamental defect with bumblebee is that it assumes you can run the chip headless, but GeForce chips won't run headless (only Quaddro chips do that). There was a work-around where you would tell the GeForce chip to pretend it had a CRT, but that doesn't work with the latest drivers and chips.

So bumblebee doesn't work. And hence Linux cannot use the NVIDIA chips AT ALL.

NVIDIA has given the Linux-on-notebooks community the old heave 'ho, and saying they contribute to ARM is completely irrelevant.
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