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Default Anyone benchmark KT266, KT266A, KT333 and KT400?

Hi all. I am lloking for a benchmark or maybe opinions on what would be the best upgrade for me? Currently I have the original KT266 (not KT266A) chipset mobo and an XP2000+, and 512 MB DDR. My problem is that all the benchmarks I run always give me great CPU and videocard scores, but my memory scores are usually very low compared to other people with similar specs. I am running my memory at cas2 btw.

Before everyone chimes in with "benchmarks don't mean a thing", I do think my gaming performance suffers. UT2003 for instance seems to be running great on other people's PC, but not mine.

I was wondering if I will get any performance boost from getting a KT333 or even an nForce2 mobo - while still keeping my 512 of PC2100 DDR?
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