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Default Re: X Server 1.11.1 won't work with 173.14.31

I find it a bit frustrating to read about how Nvidia replied publicly to Linus Torvald's dig by claiming that they have good support when my support for this older card is only barely passable. The open source effort "nouveau" is buggy for this card, but it's my only viable option. The bottom half of my dual-monitor config doesn't display image data with certain kinds of methods (eg. dvi) among other nightmares.

But the closed source version, which I would happily run, doesn't work with the latest versions of (in my case) Fedora. You claimed months and months ago that you would release an updated driver that worked with the latest X server ABI version, but 10 months or more doesn't seem like a reasonable turn-around.

Sure... in the end, you'll force me to buy a new machine with a new video card, but you can't possibly believe that it would entice me into buying another Nvidia card, ever, do you? Weeks worth of wait? Okay. A month? Well.. maybe... 10+ months? Ridiculous. And disappointing.

If you care about your user base, try showing them more respect. Either make the information available to the open source project, or assign the resources internally to keep the driver current. Or, watch as we switch to your competitors. :/

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