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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

I'd take the time with FRAPs and experiment with all your favorite games. Play them with everything bone stock. Then play them with that 580 oc'd. Then play them again with the 580 stock and the CPU oc'd. See which component when oc'd offers the greatest increase across the board and that'll let you know which one is holding you back. And then for kicks, try those games with both your CPU and 580 oc'd. Who knows, maybe you'll find that with both of them oc'd you really wont need to upgrade and you can either save that cash or put it towards bonus points with your lady.
Yep, this is the best course of action imo. You can post this in 20 different forums and get 20 different reasons why or why not.

An hours worth of testing will tell you exactly what you need to know.
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