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Default Re: Expert Advice.....

I play SWTOR and Age of Conan (both MMOs) now exclusively. Every now and then Iw ill fire up Civ 5 or Skyrim.

July I will purchase another MMO - Secret World!

So for me its mostly MMO games.

I know for definite, Age or Conan (as it has been for the last 4 years) and for Secret World (through beta testing) are GPU bound as they push the graphics a lot!

SWTOR??? I dunno coz its 2007 graphics but I suffer lag..but mainly when servers are heavy so that might be the server side problem?

So that is why, when I really thought about it...I decided to lay off the upgrade...until December. By then, my CPU and mobo combo would be 3.5 years old and GPU 2 years (i think) and that in terms of computer hardware is like a decade or more!
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