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Forget the benchmarks altogether with this review, unless you really want to delve deep, it's not worth the time for you, or us.

Everyone already knows just how fast the card is, unless you want to take some sort of instantaneous framerate mark that deplays as a line graph showing any weird extreme dips in play plainly (like the ones the 8500 had) then it'd just be a rehash of what every other site has put up.

You should be focusing on compatibility, especially being this is an nVidia fansite. Compatibility with hardware and software is what nVidia can really hang their hats on right now. I'm sure anyone looking to switch to ATi would want to know about any game issues, no matter how insignificant (flashing textures, zbuffer-esque errors [polygons protruding through each other])

An image quality analysis of FSAA would be nice, and at least a subjective analysis of the differences between 'performance' and 'quality' anisotropic filtering settings would be great.

Good luck.
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