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Default Re: DayZ mod for ARMA II

Pending Update: Build 1.7.2
Target date is Monday. Backup is for Saturday during offpeak time.

The update will include some new functionality. Currently, it includes some leftover fixes from the end of 1.7.1

But I will be updating the progress here. will remain all weekend, unless something serious happens.

This is the completed changelog so far:

* [FIXED] Infected hear perfectly through objects (noise reduced by 50% through an object)
* [FIXED] Animal bodies despawn way too fast (now despawn automatically after 2 minutes)
* [FIXED] Corrupted update data causes people to spawn in debug forest (now will not save corrupted position data)
* [FIXED] States where animal might stop walking around (now should walk around more)
* [FIXED] Animal AI routines consuming large amounts of FPS (now in line with Infected AI routines, reduced FPS usage)
* [NEW] Player Syncing system replaced (increased performance and ammo quantity tracking)
* [FIXED] Error reports are almost invisible (has now been fixed)
* [FIXED] Daylight calculations causing slight FPS issue
* [NEW] Visibility now smoothly alters based on sun, moon, cloud, rain, and fog state
* [NEW] Aubility now dampened in rain and increased by fog
* [FIXED] Object cleanup causing significant (huge) performance issue on servers (reduced by up to 50%, means more players + zombies possible)
Glad to see the infected hearing through objects is being fixed.
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