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Default dual monitor glitches with kde and 302.17 - (revised title to reflect reality)

Help, I can't figure out how to get nvidia-settings or whatever is breaking my dual monitor on user login work.


I've always used xorg.conf dual monitor setup, but 302.17 broke those, so rather than research it, I got lazy and do what I never do, ran nvidia-settings, which created a new xorg.conf file, which fixed the dual monitor issue, but broke mouse wheel scrolling.

After bouncing around with things a bit, I copied over what appears to be the correct part of xorg.conf to old xorg.conf, replaced the nvidi-settings generated one, and restarted x. Only one screen shows, but only when I login to the user account I was in when I created it and ran nvidia-settings. When I log in to another test user account, dual monitors and mousewheel scrolling all works, in other words, the xorg.conf is fine.

The problem is that something somewhere is recreating the nvidia settings, or it's looking for the .nvidia-settingsrc file, which I have deleted, and I can see an .nv directory recreated on every login to the main user account.

I want to get totally rid of any and all nvidia-settings garbage, and I want it to not start, not create .nv stuff, not fail to use xorg.conf as intended.

Anyone have any idea where this autostart of nvidia-settings is happening? I can't find it anywhere in my user . files, have searched with grep for nvidia-settings, nothing shows in any other rc file.

When I log into my account that never used nvidia settings, it all works fine, after restarting xorg.

Help me! get rid of this nvidia-settings thing please, I've lost hours today on this.

Again, dual monitor code in xorg.conf is working fine, mouse scrolling is working fine (but only after I commented out the mouse input device sections, that's an evdev thing if I remember right, which nvidia-settings is doing wrong.

If I change or edit then save my nvidia-settings xorg.conf file to fix the mouse issue, then xorg fails to start, probably because there is some mismatch between the .nvidia-settingsrc file and the xorg.conf file, but all I want to do is totally get rid of nvidia-settings activity, permanently, and absolutely, now I remember why I never ever used that in the past.

My goal here is to never see, touch, or use nvidia-settings again, and to totally purge it from my user startup process, and to know where that startup thing is located, I hate stuff like this, especially when the nvidia-settings generated xorg.conf file doesn't even work, and if you edit it, xorg fails to start, that's just sloppy.

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