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Default Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login

To be clear, to avoid the inevitable well intentioned but incorrect suggestions:

Currently, when I log in to my main user account, where I used nvidia-settings to create the xorg.conf file (as root, by the way, I also deleted the .nvidia-settingsrc file in /root), only one monitor is active. To turn the other one on, I have to use nvidia-settings. During the login process from kdm, I can see the screen go black, from dual screen mode to single screen, as the nvidia-settings junk takes over from the main xorg conf file. If I recreate an xorg.conf file with nvidia-settings, as root, so it can get saved, the dual monitors work, but the nvidia-settings does not handle the newer evdev type xorg.conf thing, ie, there's not supposed to be ANY input device sections in xorg.conf. And the one that they create, is wrong anyway. Using the nvidia-settings generated xorg.conf results in no mousewheel scroll, which is of course extremely annoying. Removing those sections again from xorg.conf makes xorg fail to start. I'd call this a bit more than a bug.

If I logout, restart x, then login as test user, no black flicker occurs, ie, no nvidia-settings junk is happening automatically, an everything works exactly as expected. I do see the .nv directory being created now that I recheck it, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Since I don't see any nvidia-settings autostart or whatever in the conf files in my regular user account, I have to assume it is being called by some other file or program name, but I can't see anything.

And clearly it's not a global setting, in /etc or anywhere, since the settings are only being applied to my main user login, upon login.

A few cleanup options in nvidia-settings certainly would be nice. I don't see any cleanup options in the cli version of nvidia-settings either.

I've grepped /etc and /var as well as my $HOME for any signs of nvidia-settings anywhere, so I have to assume there's actually another app name involved.
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