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Default xv driver and flickering lines in videos

When using the nvidia display driver (v5328) and the XV video output driver to play video files with mplayer, I sometimes get corrupt (garbled) video output.

This is only noticable with desktop resolutions of 1600x1200 and up. The video gets worse as the desktop resolution increases. It also gets worse if the video output is resized up (i.e. a 320x240 video played at 800x600). Interestingly, the problem does not exist when I'm in video mode 1600x1200x16x60 (16bpp, 60hz refresh rate), but does when I'm in 1600x1200x16x75. That seems to be the highest res/bpp/rr I can do without causing problems.

This may be related to the troubleshooting note I found at:
that says:
Fixed problem on TNT and TNT2 where Xv(Shm)PutImage returned BadAlloc in high resolutions when there was not enough video bandwidth to display the YUV video overlay correctly. This works now but the resulting display has artifacts.
I do not call that a fix!

I also found a thread which discusses other people's problems with the same bug:

A little info for you:
My CPU: AMD Athlon 1200Mhz
My GPU: nVidia Riva TNT (STB Velocity 4400) (16MB) (please don't laugh!)
Note: This problem showed up on every version of the nVidia driver I have ever used. It shows up on XFree 4.3.0 and older versions (4.2.1 I think)

I don't think this problem has anything to do with any of my video settings, but, I have attached a copy of my XF86Config file just in case.

Please advise as to your knowledge (if any) on the subject and any known fixes and/or workarounds or when it is expected to be fixed.

Jeremy "Helamonster" Smith
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