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Default Re: Missing scaling options in 302.17

From the release highlights:

- Removed Flat Panel Scaling configurability in nvidia-settings. Any desired scaling can be configured through the new "ViewPortIn" and "ViewPortOut" MetaMode attributes.

- Extended the MetaMode X configuration option syntax with the following new attributes:

"Rotation" : specifies the display device's rotation
"Reflection" : specifies the display device's reflection
"Transform" : specifies a 3x3 transformation matrix to be
applied to the display device
"ViewPortOut" : specifies the region of the mode in which to
display pixels
"ViewPortIn" : specifies the size of the region in the X screen
to display in the ViewPortOut

For example, "DFP-0: nvidia-auto-select { Rotation=left }".
See "Configuring Multiple Display Devices on One X Screen" in the
README for details.

IIRC they intend to bring this functionality back to nvidia-settings for the new "ViewPortIn" and "ViewPortOut" context. In the meantime you have to specify your MetaModes in your xorg.conf file.
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