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Default Interesting idea: nvidia+nouveau

Nvidia-ARM developer:
I would love to attend the kernel summit this year. Firstly, I imagine that I should show up in person to accept the award that Linus gave us a few days back:-) [...] Im curious what other areas people mightexpect me/NVIDIA to contribute to [...] Are there any new/novel ideas I could take back to NVIDIA to help persuade any kind of opening up?

Kernel developer Matthew Garrett:
Stop working on the nvidia kernel driver. The things that you consider trade secrets are almost entirely in your 3D engine. Move your 3D driver to userspace and use nouveau for command submission. Itd still somewhat suck having a closed 3D driver, but itd be far better than the current situation of having two drivers for the same hardware.

Would that be possible @Nvidia Linux driver tean?
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