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I would just like to vote for this feature.

I really, really want WOL on linux.

I used to have it before I updated my mobo to an nForce2 one. I stupidly thought that when the specs said WOL that it would actually work!

I would happily plug another NIC into my machine and use it in place of the NVNet one, but the mobo doesn't have a WOL header, so WOL is supported with the built in NIC ONLY!!!!

How annoyed am I??

I used to dual boot Win XP and after shutting down from it, WOL worked, but now I've ditched Windo'h zzzzz 100%, this doesn't work.

I'm sure it's just a matter of tweaking a couple of registers here and there on the driver initialisation/shutdown code (although I'm far from educated in this matter).

Please, someone take note!!!!
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