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Default nvidia driver quality decrease?

I use Nvidia card for ten years now, my first card was a geforce 256. When I started to use Linux, I was happy Nvidia give me a driver on a platform not ever well supported by manufacturers. In return, when I had to change my graphic card, I always took another nvidia card. But today, I'm thinking about changing because I have too much trouble with my card:

- plymouth is ugly with nvidia (Ubuntu)
- my fan is always at 100% (very noisy and higher electricity consuming) and fan control does not work (coolbit 4 does nothing)
- and now I have no more TTY console

All this bugs make my computer experience very uncomfortable. Ok I have good speed with 3D games, ok I have now HD movie acceleration with vdpau, but that's not enough.
At what moment Nvidia driver quality began to decrease? Do Windows users have the same bugs as me? Do they have to thank Nvidia for give them vdpau or other feature improvement? I'm not a third class consumer, I pay my Nvidia card same (big) price as a windows user, I can expect to obtain the same quality services. If not, I'm going to see other products, it's one of my good resolutions of the year, change my manufacturer graphic card if things does not evolve toward a better way, what's yours?

PS: a forum discussion is not a place to track bug, there are better soft for that (see Launchpad, Bugtracker, Redmine, Mantis etc...)

nVidia Geforce 8800 GT
resolution 1650x1080
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