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Default Problems with 173.14.35 and xorg 1.12

First off, thanks to Nvidia for finally releasing this prerelease legacy driver .

I have tried to get it to work on my three Debian systems - stable, testing and unstable - and only got lucky with the first.

Surely, installing it to Debian Stable was not really necessary (because it still runs xorg 1.7, so 173.14.31 still works fine), but I just wanted to check whether it worked anyway. No problem there.

Installing 173.14.35 to Debian Testing and Unstable seemed to go flawlessly, but running it was a different story altogether. These Debian flavors both run xorg 1.12 and according to the README this should work. So far I have seen this behavior after launching X:

1. The screen goes blank and nothing happens... Until I move the mouse and the screen goes black and the gui loads. X seems fine after that and everything just works. Seems there is some power saving issue going on here.


2. The screen goes blank and the system basically freezes beyond recovery.

I have attached the xorg log that goes with scenario 1. Btw, I have obliterated the previously installed nouveau driver and any trace of it, so this is not part of the mix here.

Just wondering if anyone got this driver to work decently with xorg 1.12?
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