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Default Re: 304.48 Beta driver out

Had time today, to try these again. I used the advanced install to do a complete re install. No lockups or freezes today, but still some oddness in WoW on the sign in screen (1-2 FPS) and also on the screen where you choose your toon (alternating between 1-2 FPS and the normal 60FPS. In the game the drivers are perfectly smooth 60FPS. This is on a GF 560, 4Ghz i5 and 8GB of DDR3 using 3dplay stereovision on a passive 3dtv.

They seem perfect in other games. There must have also an issue in previous video drivers causing audio lip synch to be off when watching 3d movies at 24p. I say that because now I don't have to use ReClock and the lip synch seems perfect.

No settings changes or toggling back and forth between 3d/2d have fixed the WoW sign in and toon choosing screens though. I wonder what's up with that. I will keep these unless I have a showstopper that springs up. Shut down has worked fine twice so far. We'll see.
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