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Default [SOLVED] ViewPortOut instead of Overscan comp. I need help!

My distro (PCLOS) upgraded to 302.17, and found Overscan Compensation no longer available; having to use ViewPortOut in MetaModes instead.

I am having no luck trying to implement it, so if someone could set me on the right path, I would appreciate it.

Geforce GTS 250EN -> Samsung LCD 1280x720
GPU-0 -> DFP-1
Overscan = 80 (in prior versions)

My line in xorg.conf, Screen section:
Option "metamodes" "DFP-1: 1280x720 { ViewPortOut=1280x720+20+20 }"
(I do not know if +20+20 is the right figure for me, I have tried different figures.)

... then reboot. This has no effect at all.

I have also tried setting it 'directly' with:
nvidia-settings --assign 0/CurrentMetaMode="DFP-0: 1280x720 { ViewPortOut=1280x720+20+20 }"
No effect whatever.

If someone could point out what I am doing wrong, it might save me a few hairs.


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