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Default Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login

Thanks Aaron, good suggestion, tried -x on nvidia-settings, no difference, as you'd expected.

My next guess is that something in my kde configuration for main user account fails on new 302.17, I'm going to try installing the last 295 and see if that changes the behavior.

Suspected twinview maybe in settings, somewhere, but my test user account has the same exact multiple monitor settings as my main user account, so that's not it. Has to be something though, not in kdmrc, it's a head scratcher, no fun.

Could be a 302.17 introduced change, that's the first driver I've tested with dual monitors that broke my old dual configuration, that one lasted for 7 years I think, oh well.

I'll post and see if it's related the actual driver. I know whatever it is is user account specific, and that it happens very early in the kdm login process, a second or two after the login process has started, but only on the main account, not the second test user account. Which does suggest some setting somewhere is triggering some changed behavior in 302 latest. Could be that, could be the nvidia-settings was a false lead, just coincidence. When xorg/nvidia have control of the kdm login screen, dual monitors work fine, after the black flicker, which must come right after something loads, one turns off. So I have to assume it's not xorg.conf.
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