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Red face Re: Can't get TwinView to work with Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M

Originally Posted by JonnyIncognito View Post
I'm going to try upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 + get the latest Nvidia drivers and see if anything has changed.
I did a fair bit of testing over the weekend, after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 + the 302.17 Nvidia drivers.

It seems that johnc is correct, that my GPU isn't capable of 3-monitor support. It's ATI graphics that can support 3 screens on my Dell Precision laptop.

Focusing on dual-screen support, I found that it all works fine with one extra monitor plugged into the VGA port on the side of the laptop. Although I have experienced the odd hang when switching between dual-screen and single screen.

What doesn't seem to work is any monitor connected through the docking station. If I plug the monitor into the VGA port on the docking station, X gets stuck in a loop in the Nvidia drivers (same as previous comments). If I plug the monitor into either of the two DVI ports on the docking station, the same thing happens. The same problem happens on Windows 7, as well.

So, in conclusion, I have a workable dual-screen solution (without docking station) and if I want to get 3 screens working, I'll need to get an ATI graphics card either by buying a replacement one (they're modular on this laptop - but not easy to source) or by selling this laptop in favour of the same model with ATI.
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