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It's a mixed bag, really.

On one hand the drivers as provided are high quality, and the people in the team are great. I consider Aaron in particular an ally when it comes to fighting little insanities like Xorg's tendency to destroy classic Unix functionality e.g. with what they derogatorily call "Zaphod mode". The NVidia drivers keep the flag up here.

Which brings us to what I consider a bigger problem, and that is random actions on part of Xorg. The quality of some of their work and the way that they react to bug reports is way below anything the binary NVidia driver portion has to offer. If I had any interest in X11 programming I'd Split the Project in a Heartbeat(tm).

On the other hand we have seen the first outright refusal to support hardware that is out in the wild. The refusal to even make an attempt to support Optimus was a bad decision on part of NVidia, because now people have a valid reason to say that Linux and FreeBSD are second class citizens in the NVidia driver world.

Then there is the issue of legacy drivers which put some (not many, but some) of us into problems that we wouldn't have if we used an Xorg driver.

Finally, all the "little things" like Xen support, Xv over multiple cards and multi-seat come on top, things that are in theory supported by Xorg open source drivers and not by the NVidia binary drivers (there were more items like these but the newest beta drivers added a whole bunch).

But again, no reason to blame the individuals in the NVidia driver team for high level decisions.

I would also like to mention that what the OP suggests addresses none (as in zero) of my own concerns.

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