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Originally Posted by Enverex View Post
But when I do xrandr I still only see a few modes and if I do xrandr -s 1 it's still changing modes to the actual res anot not scaling it, X also shows:

[ 86506.771] (II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "HDMI-0: 1280x720 @1280x720 +0+0"
Am I missing something else here?
This is supposed to be wired up via the RandR 1.1 protocol, which you can force xrandr to query by passing the --q1 option. Unfortunately, that's apparently not wired up properly right now so you current have to use nvidia-settings -a CurrentMetaMode to modify the current MetaMode, or xvidtune -next to cycle through them.

A future driver release should list the MetaModes through the RandR 1.1 interface the way 295.* and earlier did.
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