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Unhappy Some of us are not just gamers (1.0-3123 Driver still not 100% working)

I have tested the latest version of the nvidia kernel driver and glx libraries and am still dissatisfied. I have contacted nvidia several times (via about the following problem, but have heard *no* reply, not even a "we are working on it" or "stop bothering us, we'll never add that."

I am not a gamer (we'll, not on this box at least). I am trying to use my nvidia GF3 siluro card to do molecular modelling using software run on a Silicon Graphics workstation and sending it over the network to my RH 7.2 linux box (Tripos' Sybyl on Irix). Tripos support was kind enough to send me the attached file which demonstrates the problem that nvidia cards have with displaying text labels in Sybyl.

Other than this, the graphics are very fast, the driver is stable, and I wish I could use it. However, the lack of labels and highlighting in my modelling program, while seemingly pretty minor, are very important to the functioning of the interface. I am very reluctant to return to the Mesa driver/libraries, but until this can be fixed, I am doomed to paying too much for a 2D card with software rendering.

If I had purchased a "workstation" class card instead of the GF3 Siluro based "gaming" card, Im sure nvidia would pay a little more attention to me. I guess they are more concerned with gamers. It would be nice to have some reply or requests for more information.

Mike Braden
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