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Default Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login

Confirmed, however I won't be able to fix this without upgrading my kde to 4x.

I finally found the actual issue, with the pointers from aaron, there was one difference which I hadn't noticed between the test and main user account, kde control center had the checkbox 'apply settings at startup' checked, and in test user, it was unchecked, which is where the problem came.

However, if the settings are not applied at startup, the session restore puts all the open windows on the main monitor, so I guess it's either use 295 latest or upgrade (well, downgrade in my opinion) to kde 4.x, I knew this setup would not last forever, but it did a good job of trying, heh. Since the test user account s just a testing account, I hadn't noticed that the windows were all opening on the main monitor.

thanks for the input, couldn't have figured out this issue without the above pointers.

sorry for the mis titled thread starter, wish I could change it to more accurately reflect the true problem, but I can't edit the stored topic title.
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