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Default Computer Restoration Project 2012.

My Rig has served me very very well and it still has plenty of life remaining.

But it needs a makeover in the worst way....

Yeah that case has been though a whole lot.... (college)

The guts are simply an abomination. The dynamat was a mod I did back in 08 due to my hearing condition. My case is pretty silent.

More weirdness and general disrepair. I need to do something with that fan cover. I dust once every week now to keep the dust under control.

Its a mess.

And... its getting a bit long in the tooth. Yes it still has life in it, as I can comfortably play any game on the market, but my psu is bordering on 5 years old. In fact almost everything in my computer has some serious miles on it.

Processor: 4 years old.. (brought used in 2009)
Motherboard: 4 years (again used)
RAM: 4 years old.
GPU: 1 year 8 months
PSU: 5 years
CASE: 5 years
Soundcard: 6 years (no joke. note, my condition has improved considerably since 2007/08. I no longer watch movies with subtitles, listen to some music etc)
DVD drive: 2 years
HDD: 2 years 10 months

Roughly 3.8 years. The age of my powersupply concerns me the most.

So why not replace rather than fix/restore? Money. I have a limited budget.

My plan is this:

1. Repaint my case. Sand out all the scratches, all the glue residue and give it a new life. I m thinking about black with a mirror gloss finish.

2 Rebuild. Take out everything, give each part a look over and a cleaning. Re apply thermal paste, rewire everything.. ect.

3 Invest in new (possibly modular psu).

4 Reinstall OS. Its that time again. Its been a year since my last re install.

5 I m also going to check out my peripherals.

6 A blu ray drive sometime in the future. It may be distant future..

So this is going to be a project page of sorts. I am totally open to suggestions.

My budget for everything is a soft 100 to a hard 150.

Wish me luck. Also if you want more pictures of the current crappyness for lols, I d be happy to oblige.
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