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Default Re: Computer Restoration Project 2012.

1. Repaint my case. Sand out all the scratches, all the glue residue and give it a new life. I m thinking about black with a mirror gloss finish.
Would absolutely recommend black gloss finish for the whole thing. What made me purchase my current case is it is all black. Really adds to the overall look.

2 Rebuild. Take out everything, give each part a look over and a cleaning. Re apply thermal paste, rewire everything.. ect.
Never hurts. Always good to completely take apart and go over everything.

3 Invest in new (possibly modular psu).
I have built 3 computers for myself (And countless for other people) since 2006 and have only used modular PSUs. So easy to deal with and route wires--No excess that you don't need.

4 Reinstall OS. Its that time again. Its been a year since my last re install.

5 I m also going to check out my peripherals.
Word to DD. Or something like that.

6 A blu ray drive sometime in the future. It may be distant future.
I have one that I installed in my current rig. Have had it almost two years and have yet to use it once. Just my thoughts.
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